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Red Forestal is a sustainable and inclusive reforestation foundation based in Ecuador, which makes use of new communication technologies to conserve biodiversity, enhance ecosystem services and mitigate climate change.

Help us to renew earth together!



Conservation is born out of an appreciation for the natural world, but it also depends on the actions of many people, especially those that live in the communities around our reserves.
🌎For Earth Day, let's help those people who are on the frontline of conservation helping protect our planet here https://bit.ly/2KmHHmg 👈

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#conservationiscaring #conservationispeople
#conservationecuador #conservaciónecuador
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🐍The Bob Ridgely's Snail-Eater (Dipsas bobridgelyi) occurs only in four patches of forest lacking connectivity between them. It is known that our #Buenaventura Reserve is the ONLY PROTECTED AREA for this endangered species in Ecuador! Help us expand our reserve and provide this and other species a safe home https://bit.ly/31teNIR 👈
This endangered snake occurs in less than 5,000 km and was discovered in our reserve. 🐍
🤔Imagine how many other species are unique to this hotspot of biodiversity.
Photo: Alejandro Arteaga Tropical Herping

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#Ecuador se encuentra en tercer lugar a nivel mundial en #Biodiversidad en especies de #Anfibios con más de 250 especies endémicas. 🦎

Ingresa a https://arbola.app y apadrina un árbol para proteger estas especies. 🌱🐸

¿Qué esperas? ¡Apadrina árboles y se parte del bosque! 🌳🌱🌿🌳

#Conservación #MedioAmbiente #Reforestación #Conservation #SpeciesProtection #Biodiversity #Árbola #SeParteDelBosque #BeAPartOfTheForest
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Jaguares: se eleva nivel de protección para la especie emblemática de América
► https://es.mongabay.com/2020/03/jaguar-proteccion-america/

Apoya a nuestros cooperantes, la @jocotoco_org @JocotocoEcuador , a expandir la #ReservaBuenaventura, un #Ecosistema con altos índices de #Biodiversidad 🦋(http://www.jocotoco.org)

Apadrina un 🌳árbol endémico o nativo🌳 en la Reserva Buenaventura en https://arbola.app. 🌱

Agradecemos esta hermosa obra del Perico de Orcés (Pyrrhura orcesi) 🦜por María Gracia Dávalos.
En la Reserva Buenaventura protegemos al #PericoDeOrcés ,especie endémica y en peligro de extinción.🌱

🌳Ayuda a proteger su hábitat ingresando a https://arbola.app 🌳

Planting trees? Consider:

1. Right governance (who)
2. Right science (species)
3. Right place (no conversion)
4. Right maintenance (years)
5. Right protection of existing natural resources in broader landscape (no leakage)

People, protecting & restoring