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ÁRBOLA is the first web-application for reforestation and biodiversity conservation

With ÁRBOLA you can sponsor a tree. Create your own profile with your personal data and photo to purchase seeds, which you can then plant in an area of your choosing. When you plant a seed, you can choose the species and the place where you want to plant it. You will be able to choose your tree, monitor its growth, in addition to oversee its georeferenced location. You can also create your own forest, by planting several trees together. Through us, you can donate an endemic or native tree to be planted in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

With your help, you are directly contributing to the conservation and regeneration of endangered species. In this case the El Oro Parakeet (Pyrrhura orcesi). Thanks to your contribution, this endemic species of southern Ecuador continues to grow steadily, having recovered from a small number of no more than 40 individuals to more than 400 at the present time.

At the moment we are working with the Jocotoco Conservation Foundation to encompass a greater number of protected areas, where you will be able to plant your trees. In addition, in the future you will be able to donate and contribute to the conservation of endangered tree species.

What are you waiting for, plant your tree today and start making a difference! Be a part of the forest! Let’s renew the earth together!