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Corporación Fondo Ágil (COFA)

The Corporación Fondo Ágil (COFA) is a mechanism to support small development initiatives in the countryside and in the city, carried out by de facto or de jure groups that do not find help in the larger cooperation entities dedicated to financing larger projects.   

COFA’s members are 22 non-governmental organizations and grassroots organizations that have been gathering together for several years in regular meetings to discuss issues of common interest 

These are the objectives of the Corporación Fondo Ágil 

  1. To support innovative proposals that positively impact people’s living conditions and environment
  2. To strengthen and enhance the collective action capacities of excluded and discriminated citizen sectors 

COFA is funded by Bread for the World, which was founded in 1959 by the evangelical churches in Germany. Its existence is due to the desire of parishioners to contribute in solidarity to the development of countries such as Ecuador. It is not an organization dedicated to missionary work, but to processes of development and construction of citizenship 

The Red Forestal Foundation is a member of the Corporación Fondo Ágil since June 27, 2019.  

Web page of the Corporación Fondo Ágil (COFA)