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Ibero-American Environmental Network (REIMA)

The Ibero-American Environmental Network (REIMA) emerged in 1999 as the Ibero-American Student Environmental Network, the result of the First and Second International Student Environmental Workshop (TEIMA) held in Havana, Cuba. Initially it was made up of young students from various universities in Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, among other Latin American countries. Since 2004, it has been headquartered in Guadalajara, Mexico and is made up of more than two thousand professionals from 30 countries.

REIMA, A.C. has the following objectives: to promote the exchange of experiences through research and development projects and academic events related to environmental sustainability in Ibero-America; to contribute to the environmental training of community leaders for the management of endogenous development projects, favoring the participation of vulnerable groups and young people in general and to disseminate events (courses, seminars, congresses, workshops, days, conferences) related to environmental sustainability in Ibero-America and the online discussion of topics of common interest for the associates.

The Red Forestal Foundation becomes part of REIMA after signing an agreement on June 12, 2019 in the city of Jaramijó.

Webpage of the Ibero-American Environmental Network (REIMA)