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Jocotoco Conservation Foundation

“The Jocotoco Conservation Foundation was founded in September 1998 to protect the local species Gralaria Jocotoco – the name “Jocotoco” is an onomatopoeia used by farmers in the area who recognized this species by its song.” – Jocotoco Conservation Foundation

Jocotoco is a conservation foundation, a non-governmental entity, which bases its work on the establishment of biological reserves. To date, Jocotoco has 12 reserves and a total of approximately 17,500 hectares. More than 800 bird species are found in these reserves, of which more than 100 are regional endemics and more than 50 are threatened. All the areas managed by Jocotoco are recognized as Important Bird Areas, these are within the “Hot Spots” of Biodiversity. Two of the reserves have been recognized as Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE) sites.

Website of the JOCOTOCO Conservation Foundation