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Native and endemic foodforest in five kichwa communities in the Amazon

The RotarAct Cumbaya Club, Yakum Foundation, Wawa Bici Foundation and Red Forestal Foundation started cooperating in september 2021 to apply for a Global Grant promoted by Rotary International.

Our proposal is to sustainably improve the nutrition of 1 200 people (306 families) in five kichwa communities in the Amazon by a reforestation initiative to plant 12 500 trees in the most important terrestrial biodiversity hotspot on the planet.

The project objectives are:

  • establishing a reduction in communal malnutrition by planting native and endemic fruit and nut trees that are of high nutritional value
  • improving the average income per family through the sustainable selling of forest goods
  • improving mobility and exchange possibilites by providing the communities with heavy duty buffalo bikes

We intend to develop a sustainable project in Ecuador, that is also a scalable project model that can be replicated in South American countries with similar characteristics where Amazonian populations can be benefited with an improvement in their nutrition and income per family.

Additional benefits

  • Communal leadership, organizational, reforestation, monitoring and geolocation training
  • Food source for local wildlife
  • Improvement of communal wellbeing
  • Improvement of water and soil quality
  • C02 capture (estimated 65 tons compared to pastures)
  • Conservation of the kichwa culture

Cooperation Partners

Project expenses and family income estimates

Short project summary video

Download detailed information about the project


Edison Amaya

RotarAct Cumbaya

Tel.: +593 98 930 6235

Email: ediricardo21@gmail.com

Mike McColm

Yakum Foundation

Tel.: +593 99 336 5987

Email: mike.jocotoco@gmail.com