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Yakum Foundation

In Shuar language, YAKUM means “Howler Monkey”, the species with the loudest call in the animal kingdom – the call to action.

At this critical time in the history of the climate, YAKUM sets out to highlight the urgency of acting on deforestation to evade climate change, and change the way conservation works. Indigenous people in many cases do conservation better than national park systems as part of their way of life, buffering the climate – we are committed to get more recognition and support for them from the global community as well as supporting them ourselves.

Our work began when Nick came to live in Ecuador in 2017 to learn about local uses and properties of Amazonian plants, and why deforestation is occurring here. Since then YAKUM has built momentum and a dedicated community around the work. We live in the communities during projects, spend time with and listen to our partners, and all team, friends and family come and work in tree nurseries and field projects with us.

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