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About us

We are a young team made up of professionals and dreamers who want to make a decisive and positive change in our environment. Our innovative proposal started at the end of 2017, it is structured and formed throughout 2018. We established ourselves as a foundation through Ministerial Agreement No. 083, signed by the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador on July 24, 2018.

We aimed to develop a mobile application to reforest areas of extreme importance for biodiversity, focusing on the local and recognizing the enormous importance of Ecuador’s ecosystems. At the same time, we are joining forces to create a network of cooperators, actors and individuals committed to the conservation of the environment and with the common goal of ensuring a sustainable and equitable way of life with and for all living beings on the planet.

Our mission

Our General Objective commits us to: “[To] contribute to the sustainable management, recovery and conservation of biodiversity in the Ecuadorian territory and abroad in accordance with current laws, regulations and international agreements. We will seek to create strategic alliances with those responsible for or owners of the autonomous decentralized, communal and private subsystems. The activities that the Foundation will carry out may be within and outside the National System of Protected Areas, according to the classification described in the current national regulations. “

Additionally, our Specific Objectives, in accordance with Art. 7 of our Statutes, entitles us to develop the following activities:

a) Reforestation actions administered by the Foundation, in which NGOs, companies, foundations and natural persons will intervene.
b) Foster the promotion of technology for conservation, environmental and forestry, geographic and agricultural research.
c) Promote socialization campaigns, which approach the problem of environmental degradation, to create an awareness based on reverting the damage caused.
d) Strengthen community capacities to deal with climate change and promote the sustainable management of living spaces.
e) Contribute to knowledge in general through training, education and research projects.
f) Raise resources for the general objective of the Foundation, which originate from donations and cooperation.
g) To develop and execute projects, programs and services that contribute to the general objective of the Foundation.
h) To develop volunteer activities of social action in the areas to intervene.

Our vision

We believe in an Ecuador in which more trees are planted than are cut down and we want such a change to go hand in hand with a change of consciousness regarding our nature and the role we each play and serve in it. We want to see a social change that values our most precious treasure, our spaces of life, understood from a perspective that encompasses all living beings equally. Once we have accomplished that, we want to replicate the project in different latitudes and spaces, ensuring its scalability and a greater possible impact. We dream of a world more conscious of nature than consumption, a greater horizon than immediate present and a fair future for all living beings!

Our values

We want to guarantee maximum transparency, honesty, efficiency and responsibility in our work. We are aware that we are the bearers of a change that will lead us to an optimistic and hopeful future.

Our manifesto

We believe in a world in which people can live in harmony with nature. We identify ourselves as promoters of environmental ideas that help the world to reshape itself in a sustainable way, provoking a change of consciousness towards an inclusive vision with our environment. We are convinced that our generation will be the one to decide the future of our survival, and the adverse consequences of climate change caused by human beings will manifest themselves more and more every day. Many small actions have the power to change the world! Help us to reforest the planet! Be part of the forest!

Core team

Sebastián Armas Thiel
President of the Foundation

Economist specialized in Environmental Economics. He began his academic career in Stuttgart, Germany, studying Aerospace Engineering. After his return to Ecuador, he studied at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, graduating in 2017.
Interests: Philosophy, circular economy, ecology, environment, climate change, new forms of forestry, music and literature.

Felipe Kohler
Executive director and general secretary

Political Scientist, he began his career at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, studying Social Sciences and Sociology. He studied his undergraduate degree in Regensburg, Germany, specializing in Latin American Interdisciplinary Studies, at the Freie Univerität of Berlin.
Interests: Nature, animals, environment, history, politics, social movements, human rights and music.